titanium Pipe tuj exchanger luch

titanium Pipe tuj exchanger luch

titanium Products, Titanium Rod, Titanium jan'e' manufacturer ghap HoS Pipe luch tuj exchanger, qach'a' supplier qaStaHvIS jungwoq, offering Titanium chu' 0.18 mm Molybdenum Wire, Anti Clogging mep Emitter Irrigation je ngaj.
Product description

basic Info
  • Segh:titanium tuj exchanger

  • thickness:Request je

  • width:Request je

  • grade:requested je

  • application:industrial

  • specification:request je

  • ghor:pey-Washing; sand Blasting

  • 'ab:Request je

  • technique:tuj tetlh

  • tu'lu'bej:requested je

  • trademark:GRS

  • mung:ningbo, jungwoq

product Description
(1) Hap 'u': Titanium
grade: gr1, gr2, gr5

(2) applications products
medical, baS usage, vacuuming sports aerospace, QI', petrochemical metallurgy electroplating, jonpIn, je ngaj.

(3) tolerance ghap Precision: h9-h7

(4) 'utmo' Dujvam products
ghaH QaQ laHlIj competitive 'ay'.
'eS moq
customize size spec 'ej
convenient transportation
Dev ngaj poH (7-30days according to tlham qty).

(5) delivery: Dependable
(muHIvtaHbogh vISov pIm bIquv product, nIvbogh vIghet maH DuHIvDI' SoH je jen laHlIj products asap.)

(6) inspection: SoH laHlIj jen malja'chaj je assure, products checked strictly marIHnIS.

(7) transportation:
vIHutlh pong ngeng pagh pong jejlaw' according to requirement.

(8) qaSpu'DI' chavmoH DIlmeH:
jang 'emvo' 24 rep, taS within48 rep.

3. contact








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